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Understand the Pros and Cons of Cloud-based TMS and What To Ask a Potential Provider Before Signing the Contract

As the business side of a company faces logistics challenges associated with rising freight costs and transportation capacity constraints, demands are also placed on the IT side to cut costs while continuing to maintain data security and provide innovative solutions.  Because of this dynamic, the cloud is gaining popularity as a platform for transportation management…

Robust Transportation Management Systems Are Now In Reach Via The Cloud

Through a simple Internet connection, your company can reap the rewards of a cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS).  Offering fast deployment, advanced applications, and rapid return on investment (ROI), a cloud-based TMS can streamline supply chain operations and save significant time, costs and resources over traditional on premise TMS solutions. Small and mid-sized shippers with…

Aug 22

SaaS and the Mid-Market

For quite some time, the mid-market has been overlooked by large software vendors due to it’s smaller margins.  With the SaaS model quickly gaining traction, the mid – sized business (companies that employ 50 – 2000 people) shows promise as the next “big growth engine” for the economy.  Below is a great article about the…

Jul 18

LogisticsWired is Here

“With the focus shifting to SaaS options for TMS, MavenWire’s LogisticsWired is positioned to meet that demand, bringing the breadth of functionality and best-in-class performance of Oracle Transportation Management to customers seeking improved fiscal responsibility and increased efficiency.” – Samuel Levin, Co-founder and Managing Director of MavenWire. To view the LogisticsWired press release in it’s…

Jun 1

MavenWire selected as a certified Oracle OTM BPO Provider

Oracle has certified MavenWire as the premier OTM BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider, with our OTM Delivered solution. Emphasizing our dedication to providing customers with the widest possible range of options for OTM, we are proud to announce the creation of MavenWire OTM Delivered — Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions. For full details, please visit our BPO information page here: Oracle – MavenWire – 

Jul 27

MavenWire Offers OTM Hosting

  Over seven years ago, the MavenWire leadership created the first OTM (then G-Log) hosted service. Building upon the lessons learned while managing OTM for many large production clients, we’ve created the most inclusive and reliable OTM hosting solution available. Partnering with MavenWire will enable your business to benefit from our expertise, allowing you and…