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May 11

OTM Rate Manager Release 2.0 nears GA, MMP Renamed MavenApps

In preparation for the GA release of the OTM Rate Manager 2.0, the MMP (MavenWire Management Platform) will be renamed MavenApps. The branding change reflects both the total re-write of the Rate Manager (for improved functionality and performance) and the increased scope of MavenWire’s software development roadmap. To schedule a demo, please contact MavenWire at,…

Jun 15

MavenWire Announces OTM Software Suite – MMP (MavenWire Management Platform)

Today at the OTM User Conference, MavenWire announced a suite of tools designed to enhance OTM, named MMP (MavenWire Management Platform). The software suite will include multiple modules. The first module to be released will be the OTM Rate Manager, which can greatly reduce the error-prone and manually intensive process of updating rates (carrier contracts)…