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Oct 10

Greetings from Singapore!

Jul 30

5th Annual Fun at the SIG Event

Each year, MavenWire has made it a tradition to celebrate with a little ‘Fun at the SIG’.  This year was no different and we gathered a short walk from the 2013 OTM User’s Conference at Pennsylvania 6.  With a classically furnished private room, the night included giveaways, food, refreshments and good cheer. We’d like to…

Nov 26

Precision Software Achieves OVI with OTM connector

Our good friends at Precision Software, a division of QAD, Inc. have achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) 6.2 and there Parcel v2012 connector.  QAD Inc. : Precision Software Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Transportation Management Congratulations on the hard work everyone!

Oct 8

The OTM SIG has expanded to EMEA

Via Oracle OTM USERS GROUP and Exciting news! The OTM SIG is expanding its outreach and will host a conference in Europe in 2013. That’s right, next year the OTM SIG will have two conferences — one in the U.S. and one in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Conference will be held January 27-29, 2013. Plans are well…

Oct 8

Complex Logistic Use Cases – OTM Myths

Complex Logistics Use Cases – OTM Myths Traditional TMS has not ventured into the world of more specialist logistics solutions such as Air, Rail networks and Postal services. However more and more we are seeing OTM being delivered in these industries across Europe . In the presentation we will demonstrate with use cases how OTM…

Oct 8

Global Customer Success

Global Customer Success Turning the best product into the best solution requires the best people. An overview of customers across the world, how they are using OTM and the value that our global team brings them. [slideshare id=14635294&doc=20120813-otmsigmavenwirekeynote-small-121008083123-phpapp01]

Sep 10

OTM SIG 2012 Wrap Up

New Content up at The 2012 OTM SIG Conference has come and gone but there is some really great information floating around in its wake.  The OTM SIG Board has published content on the agenda page that was shared this year in Philadelphia.  This is really great in case you were unable to make…