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Aug 22

SaaS and the Mid-Market

For quite some time, the mid-market has been overlooked by large software vendors due to it’s smaller margins.  With the SaaS model quickly gaining traction, the mid – sized business (companies that employ 50 – 2000 people) shows promise as the next “big growth engine” for the economy.  Below is a great article about the…

Oct 8

OTM in the Cloud

OTM in the Cloud As interest in cloud solutions and their use with enterprise applications has increased, MavenWire has taken a lead in implementing and benchmarking several instances of OTM using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). This presentation outlines how the instances were set up and configured; potential benefits of OTM…

Jul 18

LogisticsWired is Here

“With the focus shifting to SaaS options for TMS, MavenWire’s LogisticsWired is positioned to meet that demand, bringing the breadth of functionality and best-in-class performance of Oracle Transportation Management to customers seeking improved fiscal responsibility and increased efficiency.” – Samuel Levin, Co-founder and Managing Director of MavenWire. To view the LogisticsWired press release in it’s…