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Oct 30

Logistics Strategies for Business

Sam was recently featured in the article below as an expert in Logistics.  The list included 17 other experts who divulged tips to develop a buy levitra professional ‘Winning Logistics Strategy.’  Congratulations Sam and thanks generico del viagra en peru for the tip!  To learn more about developing a winning logistics strategy, click the link…

Oct 10

Greetings from Singapore!

Aug 6

The Management of the Chain of Supplies

Here is a great video created by the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.  Tracing the lineage of  a product as Supply Chain Management can be daunting for those who aren’t well versed in the field.   However, this video does a great job at showing the costs associated with commodity items…

Feb 26

Moving Goods in the Fast Lane Interview

Start your morning off with a cup of coffee and a great article, ‘Moving Goods in the Fast Lane.’ Sam Levin has been featured in the Local Business news section of, where he discusses OTM, Business, and MavenWire. Congratulations, Sam! Click here to view the article at

Jan 11

Sam Levin for Philadelphia Business Journal

MavenWire is proud to bring you Sam Levin’s article from Philadelphia Business Journal.  The interview offers a unique look at the Co-Founder and CEO of MavenWire.  The article includes Sam’s personal Business Philosophy, a look at his Judgement, Confessions as a business man, and some other interesting information which make for  a great piece of…

Jan 3

Sam Levin recognized for experience by SmartCEO magazine

Our very own Sam Levin was recognized by SmartCEO magazine magazines set to hit newsstands this week.  Sam was chosen to be interviewed for his experience with mergers and acquisitions after MavenWire acquired Enterprise Integration Pte Ltd., (Singapore) and Enterprise Integration Pty Ltd., (Australia), over the summer.  Congratulations Sam!  To view the rest of SmartCEO…

Dec 17

MavenWire Oracle Transportation Management Super User Training a Success

Last week, MavenWire hosted our very own Oracle Transportation Management Super User Training with great success. Our trainees learned underlying concepts and leading practices of OTM Super Users.  These advanced concepts support the end-end processes which draw the highest value from your OTM environment.  The key areas the course focused on in Super User training…

Oct 8

OTM in the Cloud

OTM in the Cloud As interest in cloud solutions and their use with enterprise applications has increased, MavenWire has taken a lead in implementing and benchmarking several instances of OTM using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). This presentation outlines how the instances were set up and configured; potential benefits of OTM…

Oct 8

The OTM SIG has expanded to EMEA

Via Oracle OTM USERS GROUP and Exciting news! The OTM SIG is expanding its outreach and will host a conference in Europe in 2013. That’s right, next year the OTM SIG will have two conferences — one in the U.S. and one in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Conference will be held January 27-29, 2013. Plans are well…

Oct 8

Complex Logistic Use Cases – OTM Myths

Complex Logistics Use Cases – OTM Myths Traditional TMS has not ventured into the world of more specialist logistics solutions such as Air, Rail networks and Postal services. However more and more we are seeing OTM being delivered in these industries across Europe . In the presentation we will demonstrate with use cases how OTM…