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Jan 11

Sam Levin for Philadelphia Business Journal

MavenWire is proud to bring you Sam Levin’s article from Philadelphia Business Journal.  The interview offers a unique look at the Co-Founder and CEO of MavenWire.  The article includes Sam’s personal Business Philosophy, a look at his Judgement, Confessions as a business man, and some other interesting information which make for  a great piece of…

Jan 3

Sam Levin recognized for experience by SmartCEO magazine

Our very own Sam Levin was recognized by SmartCEO magazine magazines set to hit newsstands this week.  Sam was chosen to be interviewed for his experience with mergers and acquisitions after MavenWire acquired Enterprise Integration Pte Ltd., (Singapore) and Enterprise Integration Pty Ltd., (Australia), over the summer.  Congratulations Sam!  To view the rest of SmartCEO…

Oct 25

Sam Levin interviewed for Keystone Edge

  Our company competes with major corporations, with global reputations that span beyond the niche of transportation software.  We have made a name for ourselves and I believe that comes from our reputation and depth of experience.  We believe our customers are more partners than customers.   Our very own Sam Levin, CoFounder and CEO…