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Mutual Materials

Customer Case Study

“There’s a high level of satisfaction with the implementation. We’re moving in the right direction and we couldn’t have done it without the work of MavenWire. We found a great partner in MavenWire.”

Guy DeFlorio

Chief Technology Officer

Mutual Materials

Building a Unique OTM Solution for a Hardscape and Masonry Company

Transforming a Private Fleet from an Expense to an Asset


The leading manufacturer and distributor of masonry and hardscape products in the Pacific Northwest for more than a century, Mutual Materials currently operates 10 manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia with 19
branches in Oregon and Washington for direct distribution to contractors and masons. With unique fleet requirements and antiquated logistics processes, Mutual Materials sought out a comprehensive transportation solution. The company partnered with MavenWire for a multi-phase implementation of Oracle Transportation Management. Partnering with MavenWire, a solution was delivered to meet Mutual Materials’ needs to optimize asset utilization and allow the company to expand its services.


  • Prior to their OTM implementation, Mutual Materials used manual processes and limited functionality in E-Business Suite (EBS). This made adapting to market demands and scaling up to better serve customers impossible.
  • Complex equipment/asset assignments and configurations were managed manually with low levels of utilization.
  • Mutual Materials lacked visibility around its custom fleet. Internally, sales and customer service had no grasp on when shipments would arrive. Customers were also unaware of when shipments would be delivered, so a solution was needed that would provide more visibility.
  • The prior system was inefficient, particularly around backhauling for third-party companies, where Mutual Materials could leverage its fleet to increase company revenue.


  • A holistic solution design approach to ensure effective management operations, customer commitments and fleet utilization
  • Best-of-breed OTM v6.2 was implemented and customized to align with the goals of Mutual Materials. This implementation included:
  • Order management, transportation planning, shipment execution and fleet management for outbound and inbound logistics
  • A custom configuration providing for the maximum utilization of the specialized fleet to add value at the point of delivery and reduce transportation costs
  • Centralization and control over the transportation process via dispatchers with visibility across all regions
  • Creative regional and cross-regional itineraries to ensure proper routing and adherence to loading and unloading time requirements
  • Integration between ERP, Financials, and OTM.
  • MavenWire hosting solution that enables Mutual Materials to focus on its core business


  • Introduction of a new Collaborative Service Offering with customers to increase opportunities for customer delivery saving, consolidation opportunities, and asset utilization. The company has seen a top line increase of more than 10% thanks to this change.
  • Visibility increased drastically from the old system, and Mutual Materials can access driver names, truck numbers and shipment schedules, which has increased dispatcher efficiencies.
  • Due to less time spent scheduling and better utilization of fleet assets, Mutual Materials saw reductions in the cost of operating the specialized fleet.
  • More efficient shipment planning led to further opportunities to increase revenue from backhauling services to third-party companies.
  • A 12-15 month payback in permanent, real-time costs was expected with OTM implementation and Mutual Materials is on track to reach that goal.
  • In total freight spend, distribution expense was reduced by more than 2% of sales and savings in that area is expected to continue and grow.

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