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Giant Eagle

Customer Case Study

“MavenWire is just really great to work with. They make themselves available to the customer, fully understand the needs and challenges and focus all of their attention on helping the customer.”

Brian Hogue

Logistics Project Manager

Giant Eagle

Providing an Updated Version of OTM to a Large Grocery Retailer

MavenWire helps Giant Eagle deliver continuous gains in value from their existing
strategic logistics platform.


Giant Eagle is a multi-format food and fuel retailer with 230 supermarkets and 182 GetGo fuel and convenience store locations, and approximately $9.9 billion annual sales. The retailer has five retail support centers located in two states. Though Giant Eagle had been using best-of-breed Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) for several years for inbound operations, an overall analysis was needed to determine inefficiencies and find ways to optimize the system. Giant Eagle selected MavenWire as its strategic partner to help the company execute its vision. The system had not been updated and the support life cycle for the OTM version Giant Eagle was using was coming to an end. An upgrade was necessary to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. It was also an opportunity to identify additional areas for improvement. Dock scheduling was identified as an opportunity to increase efficiencies around managing warehouse resources, equipment and carriers.


  • Current solution based on outdated version of OTM. Need for broad analysis of entire logistics solution as configured in OTM
  • Identified inefficiencies on the dock scheduling process
  • Lack of internal proficiency in latest OTM version
  • Platform performance issues


  • Provided a comprehensive analysis of the entire OTM solution with short- and long-term recommendations
  • Upgraded to OTM v6.2 for the entire company operation, including planners, scheduling, merchandising, warehousing and approximately 400 retail locations, 3,000 shippers and 2,000 carriers
  • Delivered a dock scheduling solution for five retail support centers to effectively manage an average of 2,250 shipments per week. All five facilities successfully went live in a single day
  • Provided new technical environments (test and production) to help reduce costs and stabilize performance


  • The solution provides an increase in efficiency of 30%, with the capacity to double the volume without doubling associated costs.
  • Dock scheduling solution enables management of 2,250 shipments each week and a peak volume of 2,600 shipments per week.
  • Solution provides a centralized approach to dock scheduling through a central call center.
  • Reduction in the total resources spent planning to manage dock scheduling process.
  • Increases synergies across retail support center operations and transportation planners.
  • Improved visibility, prioritizing and scheduling of short lead time and critical shipments.
  • Solution enables planners and carriers to work in a collaborative environment to reduce congestion in the yard.
  • Technical platform has reduced the number of performance issues and increased stability.

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