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Our History

Our History – From Home Office to Global Industry Leader Inc. 5000 Enterprise

MavenWire LLC, a global leader in transportation management and supply chain logistics solutions, announced this month that it was named to the 2014 Inc. 500|5000 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in America.

“It is a testament to the talent of the MavenWire family that in eight years we were able to grow from a two-man startup to a global company,” said Sam Levin, President and CEO of MavenWire. “We are excited to be included among the great American companies on this list and look forward to continuing to climb in years to come.”

“I am so incredibly proud of our team for this amazing accomplishment,” added Chris Plough, MavenWire Co-Founder and Chairman. “From the onset, we wanted to create a culture in which team members would feel valued and want to remain long term. Through the years—in good times and through the rough patches to which no growing business is immune—our team has stuck together and persevered.  That speaks not only of the success of the culture we purposely created, but of the commitment and integrity each member of team brings to MavenWire.”

In less than a decade, MavenWire’s operations have moved out of a home office to span the globe. The company serves 60 clients world-wide, generates more than $11 million in revenue and employs more than 180 experts in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Path to Success

MavenWire launched in 2006 when Levin and business partner Chris Plough decided to use their own innovative methods to deploy and implement logistics strategies and solutions centered around Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) software. They had previously worked for Global Logistics Technologies, Inc. (G-Log), which had been acquired by Oracle Corporation.

MavenWire has since become an Oracle Gold Partner and is a founding member of the annual OTM SIG user conference. Its expertise with OTM allows the company to maximize the technology’s strengths relative to the needs of client enterprises.

Early on, MavenWire built its reputation by being one of the most knowledgeable and customer-focused consulting, implementation, and hosting providers in the transportation management industry.

MavenWire’s holistic approach to identifying and leveraging individual solutions quickly attracted clients seeking optimized logistics functions that could be reliably supported and scaled in a dynamic marketplace. MavenWire became known for designing and delivering solutions that ensured sustainable operational efficiencies, increased control, and accelerated return on investment.

With equal proficiency in Oracle’s Global Trade Management (GTM) application, MavenWire expanded operations to Europe in 2007. By enabling client enterprises to reduce transportation costs during the economic downturn in the following years, MavenWire solidified its standing in the industry.

In 2012, MavenWire acquired EII APAC based in Singapore and Australia, which created an integrated global team with an unmatched breadth of knowledge available to clients around-the-clock.

MavenWire has consistently experienced 30-40 percent annual growth and operates regional offices in the United States, Great Britain and Singapore, as well as international data centers. The company’s reputational capital has afforded it a remarkable level of agility to move into new endeavors and markets to increase the size and scope of its industry footprint.

MavenWire currently counts Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, Newell Rubbermaid, Volvo, DHL, and Averitt Express among its more than 60 clients and offers solutions and support in the consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, automotive, chemical, construction, technology and transportation industries.

Staying Grounded During Global Growth

Even amid the expansion that led to MavenWire’s recognition for outstanding growth, the company remains close-knit.

In addition to the technical expertise in developing and implementing solutions, MavenWire embodies a family-oriented corporate culture that encourages collaboration. MavenWire strives to connect on a personal level with its consultants through monthly “knowledge transfer calls” and regular video chats.

The culture goes beyond simply communication, however. In 2009, following a decline in revenue, Levin and Plough were faced with tough decisions. The founders decided to take pay cuts rather than downsize. As the economy improved, so did MavenWire’s revenue, and the founders’ sacrifice paid off. The company’s employees have rewarded that trust and faith with their own loyalty to MavenWire and its customers.

As CEO, Levin stresses the importance of work-life balance to every employee at MavenWire, including himself. He often calls the company “his first child,” but is especially dedicated to devoting as much quality time with his wife and three children as his burgeoning 24/7 global operation.

To reinforce the company’s internal ethic, MavenWire also strives to employ a balance between corporate growth and creating a positive impact on the community.

MavenWire sponsored one of its employees on a relief mission to the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. The company also contributes to the “Soap for Hope” campaign where employees collect toiletries from international travel and package the items for donation to Hope Lodge, which provides free housing to cancer patients traveling to Philadelphia for treatment.

Additionally, MavenWire is a Gold Level Sponsor, and Levin is Chairman of the Board, of the “Lemon Bowl,” an annual flag football tournament that benefits Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The one-day event has raised more than $10,000 for childhood cancer research.

Positioning for the Future

MavenWire is driving a movement toward enhancing its customers’ experience and the value of its services. From solution acceleration to in-depth technical support, MavenWire is augmenting current offerings, while developing new options, such as logistics outsourcing plans that cater to the specific needs of complex enterprises.

“We see where technology has been going. Everything is moving toward the Cloud. We have been pioneers in that regard,” said Levin.

MavenWire has configured solutions for clients to help them capture all the financial advantages and flexibility of cloud hosting.

Moreover, MavenWire actively invests in the future of its industry through the training and education of a new generation of experts and innovators. In partnership with Oracle and Ruan Transportation Management Systems, MavenWire is integrating OTM into the Supply Chain Management and Management Information Systems course curricula at Iowa State University. The program is the first of its kind.

“This is a great opportunity to help promising young students forge their career paths,” Levin said.