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About Us

MavenWire is America’s leading consultancy for global logistics optimization.

Logistics excellence

The teams at MavenWire are experienced in partnering with organizations to define, plan and implement the business and technology change initiatives, roadmaps, solutions and projects, that drive and enable optimized logistics performance. In short, we deliver logistics excellence.

Working with some of the world’s largest retail, distribution and manufacturing companies, we deliver end-to-end solutions that drive value and efficiency throughout our customers’ supply chains.


MavenWire is part of the global organization, giving us the global reach and experience that you would expect from a best-in-class service provider. At MavenWire, we work with leading solutions providers, such as Oracle, to bring you the most reliable solutions for your business and your customers.

Experienced teams

The teams at MavenWire are made up of world-leading logistics and trade management consultants, who work with clients to identify opportunities to improve their current transport management systems and processes. We then implement innovative, flexible roadmaps and solutions that will continue to drive costs down and customer experience up, long into the future.

Proven results

  • Track record in improving the efficiency of people, processes and technology
  • Streamlining operations to optimize in-house & outsourced teams
  • Offshore capability – provides customers with reliable support 24/7
  • Responsive & flexible solutions – reduces service disruption

Due to the very nature of our work, we develop long-term relationships with our clients and are committed to delivering innovative, pragmatic solutions that continue to drive efficiencies long after implementation.

Contact with MavenWire

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